Here is a list of my projects, all of them are open-source and hosted at GitHub.


PhpDependencyAnalysis is an extendable static code analysis for object-oriented PHP-Projects to provide dependency graphs for abstract datatypes (Classes, Interfaces and Traits) based on namespaces. Dependencies can be aggregated to build graphs for several levels, like Package-Level or Layer-Level. Each dependency can be verified to your defined architecture.

Message Bridge

Message Bridge let you trigger messages from anywhere in a procedural or in an object-oriented way. A registered callback can dispatch or forward all triggered messages. Main idea is to support a decoupled event driven and aspect oriented application, thus object awareness to any logger or any event dispatcher is not needed anymore.


Squeezer is a minifier for php class files. It will parse your directories to find valid classes, interfaces and traits and squeeze them to one file. Autoloading in php is quite nice but also expensive. Sometimes too expensive for production. Using a minified file reduces the execution time of your application but increases the memory usage. Take care which directories or packages you want to squeeze. For production you should only squeeze used packages.


MamuzBlog is a ZF2-Module which provides a blog page with Doctrine and TwitterBootstrap.

Phalcon Application

Phalcon Application is built on top of Phalcon2 Framework and simplifies registering Controllers and Tasks in a standard way.

All my repositories at GitHub

A list of all my projects and repositories hosted at GitHub